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Can you name the Best Picture nominees from 1990-99

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1990*Kevin Costner
1990Robert DeNiro
1990Patrick Swayze
1990Al Pacino
1990Robert DeNiro
1991*Jodie Foster
1991Paige O'Hara(voice)
1991Warren Beatty
1991Kevin Costner
1991Barbra Streisand
1992*Clint Eastwood
1992Stephen Rea
1992Tom Cruise
1992Emma Thompson
1992Al Pacino
1993*Liam Neeson
1993Harrison Ford
1993Daniel Day-Lewis
1993Holly Hunter
1993Emma Thompson
1994*Tom Hanks
1994Hugh Grant
1994John Travolta
1994John Turturro
1994Tim Robbins
1995*Mel Gibson
1995Tom Hanks
1995James Cromwell
1995Philippe Noiret
1995Kate Winslet
1996*Ralph Fiennes
1996Frances McDormand
1996Tom Cruise
1996Timothy Spall
1996Geoffrey Rush
1997*Kate Winslet
1997Jack Nicholson
1997Robert Carlyle
1997Matt Damon
1997Guy Pearce
1998*Joseph Fiennes
1998Cate Blanchett
1998Roberto Benigni
1998Tom Hanks
1998Sean Penn
1999*Kevin Spacey
1999Tobey Maguire
1999Tom Hanks
1999Al Pacino
1999Bruce Willis

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