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Can you name the Best Picture nominees from 1980-89

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1980*Donald Sutherland
1980Sissy Spacek
1980John Hurt
1980Robert DeNiro
1980Nastassja Kinski
1981*Ben Cross
1981Burt Lancaster
1981Henry Fonda
1981Harrison Ford
1981Jack Nicholson
1982*Ben Kingsley
1982Drew Barrymore
1982Jack Lemmon
1982Dustin Hoffman
1982Paul Newman
1983*Shirley Maclaine
1983Tom Berenger
1983Albert Finney
1983Fred Ward
1983Robert Duvall
1984*F. Murray Abraham
1984John Malkovich
1984Judy Davis
1984Sally Field
1984Howard E. Rollins Jr
1985*Robert Redford
1985Danny Glover
1985William Hurt
1985Jack Nicholson
1985Harrison Ford
1986*Charlie Sheen
1986Marlee Matlin
1986Woody Allen
1986Jeremy Irons
1986Helena Bonham Carter
1987*John Lone
1987William Hurt
1987Michael Douglas
1987Sebastian Rice-Edwards
1988*Dustin Hoffman
1988William Hurt
1988Michelle Pfeiffer
1988Gene Hackman
1988Harrison Ford
1989*Jessica Tandy
1989Tom Cruise
1989Robin Williams
1989Kevin Costner
1989Daniel Day-Lewis

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