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1.Martin Sheen(1979)
2.Liam Neeson(1993)
3.Sean Penn(1998)
4.Aleksei Kravchenko(1985)
5.Kirk Douglas(1957)
6.Humphrey Bogart(1942)
7.Tom Hanks(1998)
8.Matthew Modine(1987)
9.Saadi Yacef(1966)
10.Steve McQueen(1963)
11.Jurgern Prochnow(1981)
12.Jean Gabin(1938)
13.Brad Pitt(2009)
14.Robert DeNiro(1978)
15.Tsumoto Tatsumi*(1988)
16.Lew Ayres(1930)
17.Bruno Ganz(2004)
18.Kirk Douglas(1960)
19.Charlie Sheen(1986)
20.James Coburn(1977)
21.George Clooney(1999)
22.Leslie Banks(1942)
23.John Malkovich(1984)
24.Lino Ventura(1969)
25.Don Cheadle(2004)
26.Clint Eastwood(1966)
27.Mel Gibson(1995)
28.Adrien Brody(2002)
29.Anna Magnani(1945)
30.Mel Gibson(1981)
31.Alec Guinness(1957)
32.Jeremy Renner(2009)
33.Michael Caine(1964)
34.Lee Marvin(1967)
35.Fredric March(1946)
36.Ewan McGregor(2001)
37.Lee Marvin(1980)
38.James Woods(1986)
39.Donald Sutherland(1970)
40.Laurence Olivier(1944)
41.George C Scott(1970)
42.Branko Duric(2001)
43.Sean Connery(1965)
44.Tom Cruise(1989)
45.Vincent Price(1968)
46.Christian Bale(1987)
47.Orlando Bloom(2005)
48.Ian Hart(1995)
49.Russell Crowe(2003)
50.Clark Gable(1939)

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