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QUIZ: Can you name the 30 steps of Eastenders?

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Forced Order
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She was murdered on Walford Common in April 2014?
Her twin brother is?
He dated the mother of Lexi, her name is?
The father of her child is?
His mother is?
In 1995 she married?
His cousin, who's real name is Veronica, goes by the name of?
On New Years 2014, she killed?
He was introduced into the show as the ex-boyfriend of?
She arrives on Xmas Day 2012, after being informed of Max's address by whom?
The name of his son is?
He had a relationship with his cousin, named?
She meets and begins an affair with whom after meeting at counselling?
The name of his (ex) wife is?
She buys the salon, and re-hires which flower-named character
She leaves in 2014, after breaking up with?
Because he kissed who at her engagement party?
What is the name of her sister?
She had a relationship with Bianca's ex, his name was?
The name of his son with Bianca is?
His maternal grandfather is?
He part-owns the car lot with who?
His youngest daughter is called?
Her maternal grandmother is called?
Her oldest daughter is who?
Her son is called?
He works at The Arches with which other character?
He was present when Ben killed who?
Her best friend was?
Her eldest son is called?
He has a dog named?

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