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Can you name the these 50 eastenders characters?

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Which character was originally played by Jo Warne?
She has a daughter called ______?
And she married ______ in 1991?
He married which person twice?
Her best friend, Tiffany, was ran over by _______ on the strike of New Years?
And his youngest daughter is called _____?
And she married and killed ______?
His dad was called _____?
He married_____ in 1996?
Her first husband was _____?
He had a son with Kathy named _____?
His last wife was called?
Her brother is called _______?
In 2009/2010 he had an affair with _____?
His mother is called _______?
Her husband is called _______?
He fell asleep at the wheel of his taxi and injured _____ in 2009?
She is the mother of ________?
He married _______ twice?
Her mother is called ______?
Her son is called ____?
In 2008 he married _____?
She had a baby with _____?
His father is called ______?
He married _______ in 2002?
She has a son called _____?
He tampered with the brakes on _____'s motorbike, causing the death of his son?
His mother is called ______?
Her daughter is called _____?
She had a baby named Vicki, the father was _____?
His adopted daughter was called ______?
She attempted to leave with her boyfriend ______, but he was stabbed on New Year's Day?
He was stabbed by ______?
His eldest cousin was called ______?
On Christmas Day he left with his wife ____?
Her daughter was called _____?
Who once had a relationship with a doctor called ______?
His father was called _____?
He lives at the B&B, along with the mother of Libby and Chelsea, ______?
Her murderous husband was called _____?
He, in November 2009, murdered _____?
He is the father of _______?
Who had a long term relationship with _____?
His half sister left in 2009, she was called _____?
She left with ______?
His ex wife was called _____?
Her father is called ______?
He has a daughter nicknamed Little_____?
In 2002, she married _____?
He now has a daughter with Down's syndrome called ____?

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