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HintNameSeries of appearance
Host (JC)Series 1-
Team captain since Series 1 (SL)Series 1-
Team captain Series 1-4 (DS)Series 1-4
Team captain Series 5-10 (JM)Series 3-10
Team captain Series 11- (JR)Series 10-
Comedy partner of Sue Perkins (MG)Series 1, 14-15, 17
Husband of Judy Finnegan (RM)Series 1-2
Star of Not Going Out (LM)Series 1,4,6,7
'It Girl' and I'm a Celebrity runner-up (TPT)Series 1,7
Channel 4 Newsreader (KGM)Series 1-4,7,11,13,15-18
BGT Judge and Star of Little Britain (DW)Series 1,3,5-6,8-9
Chatty Man (AC)Series 1-4
Strictly Come Dancing Host (CW)Series 1, 6-9, 13, 15-16
Sky Newsreader and Husband of Ruth (EH) Series 1,3
Was subject of a Celebrity Juice hashtag to find her (JS)Series 1,6
Comedian with long last name who voiced Darth Maul (PS)Series 1,3,9,11
American comedian who played Jack in Mrs Doubtfire (SC)Series 1-2, 4, 7
Star of The Impressions Show with Jon Culshaw (DS)Series 1,3
So You Think You're Funny Winner at the Edinburgh Festival in 1998 (RR)Series 1-2
High husky voiced Benidorm star, real name Michael Pennington (JV)Series 1-8, 12-14, 17
Scottish comedian who was a regular on Mock The Week (FB)Series 1-6
Host of Take Me Out (PM)Series 1-2, 10
Her talk show moved from ITV to Channel 5 (TG)Series 1, 3-5
Geordie winner of Celebrity Love Island (JM)Series 1,3
Comedy partner of Bob Mortimer (VR)Series 1-7
Daughter of Liverpudlian comic Jimmy (LT)Series 1,5,12
Played Shelley in Coronation Street (SL)Series 2-4
Big Brother contestant who died in 2009 (JG)Series 2,4
The D in his name does not stand for 'Delicious' - American comedian (RDH)Series 2-4, 8, 13
Singing daughter of Ozzy and Sharon (KO)Series 2, 6-8, 11
DJ and female presenter of 10 O'Clock Live (LL)Series 2, 8-9, 11
Swedish TV presenter who hosted Eurovision in 1998 (UJ)Series 2-4, 7-8
Comedy partner of Frank Skinner (DB)Series 3,6
Longest serving X Factor UK Judge (LW)Series 3-4, 7, 16
Longest serving team captain on Never Mind the Buzzcocks (PJ)Series 3,6
Played Bill Bailey's wife in Skins (FA)Series 3-4
Host of Rude Tube (AZ)Series 3-5, 7-8
Comedian who played Young Kenny in Phoenix Nights (JM)Series 3, 13
Female comedian who died in September 2014 (JR)Series 3-5
TV Host of Dancing on Ice, This Morning and Surprise Surprise (HW)Series 3,16
Dry American comedian whose first name can be used as a term for someone with lots of money (RH)Series 4,7
His self-titled chat show switched from BBC to ITV in 2011 (JR)Series 4,18
Comedian who has starred in The Fast Show, Sirens and Star Stories (RT)Series 4-5
Host of his own Comedy Roadshow on BBC (MM)Series 4, 6-7
Current host of 'It'll be Alright on the Night' (GRJ)Series 4-5
Actor and comedian who took Frankie Boyle's seat on Mock The Week (CA)Series 4-5, 7
Plays Mick Carter in Eastenders (DD)Series 5, 15
Ex Blue Peter Presenter and Wife of Charlie Brooker (KH)Series 5-6
He knows how to look good naked (GW)Series 5,11
Scottish comedian born 1975 (AC)Series 5,7,9
Scottish actor who once played all roles in Macbeth (AC)Series 5,8
Succeeded Criag Ferguson as the show of the Late Late Show in 2015 (JC)Series 5,7
His memoir 'Yes Man' was loosely adopted into a Jim Carrey film of the same name (DW)Series 5,7
Model who has been a contestant on Strictly, The Jump and Masterchef (JK)Series 6-7, 9
Scouse comedian who raised 4.2 million for Sport Relief in 2012 (JB)Series 6,9
Broadcaster and journalist married to lead singer of Phats & Small (VF)Series 6-7, 10
Female sports presenter who sometimes fills in on Match Of The Day (GL)Series 6-7, 9, 13, 18
Bristolian comedian and novelist (MW)Series 6-8, 10, 12
HintNameSeries of appearance
Presenter of the Big Breakfast alongside Denise Van Outen (JV)Series 6, 9-10
Theatre star and former winner of famous jungle-based show (CB)Series 7,10
Had Top 5 hits with 'Thank You' 'See It In A Boy's Eyes' and 'Superstar' (J)Series 7-11, 15-16
Host of Backchat alongside his father Michael (JW)Series 7-11
Became permanent presenter of Never Mind The Buzzcocks in 2014 (RG)Series 7-9, 11
Comedian who played Mr Gilbert in The Inbetweeners (GD)Series 7,9,12
Hosts self-titled 'Television Programme' on BBC2 (SM)Series 7, 10-14, 18
Welsh TV Presenter who hosted the first season of The X Factor in the USA (SJ)Series 7, 16-17
Comedian who created BAFTA-Nominated Horror/Drama, Dead Set (CB)Series 7, 10-11
Co-host of Countdown for 26 years (CV)Series 7, 9-10, 14-18
Female comedian and writer whose specialist subject on Mastermind was badgers (HW)Series 8-10, 12, 14
Woman who stated she once had Lyme Disease on 8OO10C Countdown (JL)Series 8-10
TV Partner of Kirsty Allsopp (PS)Series 8, 17
Iranian-British Female Comedian (SK)Series 8-9, 12
Dublin born comedian who has performed at The Edinburgh Fringe every year since 2002 (DO)Series 9, 11-18
Grumpy comedian who was the original host of 'Live at the Apollo' (JD)Series 10-12, 15-18
Male doctor who presents Embarrassing Bodies (CJ)Series 10-12, 17
Camp dancer who found fame in Pineapple Dance Studios (LS)Series 10, 12-14
Voiced titular character in Postman Pat: The Movie in 2014 (SM)Series 10, 13-15
Scottish comedian who is frequently on US comedy show 'Conan' (DS)Series 10-11
Comedian and Composer of the music for Tony and Olivier Award winning 'Matilda: The Musical' (TM)Series 10, 12
Scottish host of self-titled sister programme of Good Morning Britain (LK)Series 10-12, 16
Replaced Carol Vorderman on Countdown (RR)Series 11-15
Comedian whose mother is not politician Ann (JW) Series 11-17
Is Rachel Riley's assistant on 8OO10C does Countdown (JW)Series 11-18
Comedian who was team captain on Argumental and Virtually Famous (SW)Series 11, 17
Comedian who got a dominos delivered on a train (CR)Series 11, 15-16
Comedian who had a tour named the 'Out Out Tour' in 2011 (MF)Series 11-14
Irish twins who found fame on The X Factor (J)Series 11-12
Comedian and writer named Matthew who appeared in Dictionary Corner on sister-show (MC)Series 11-12
Presenter who replaced Chris Moyles on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show (NG)Series 11-12
Judge who sits furthest left from viewers perspective on Strictly (CRH)Series 12, 18
Presenter of 'Snog Marry Avoid' (ET)Series 12-13
Played Jonny in C4 show 'Friday Night Dinner' (TR)Series 12, 18
'Stay Awake' rapper, real name Elliot Gleave (E)Series 12, 14, 17
Nominated 'Best Newcomer' at the 2012 Edinburgh Festival and announcer on BBC show 'Epic Win' (JL)Series 12, 14
Plays Sonia in Eastenders (NC)Series 13-14
Female Canadian comedian known for many panel show appearances (KR)Series 13-18
Comedian and co-presenter of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! NOW! (RB)Series 13-18
Plays lead character in BBC3 show 'Uncle' (NH)Series 13-16
Wildlife presenter who also co-presented Sky 1 show 'Wild Things' (KH)Series 13, 17
Strictly Come Dancing presenter since Series 1 (TD)Series 13-16
Best known to children as Archie from Balamory (MJ)Series 13, 15-16
Left 'I'm a Celebrity' after 3 days in 2014 (GC)Series 13, 15
British gymnast who won Silver in London 2012 (LS)Series 14, 18
Bearded Canadian comedian who has released DVD's named 'Go! Mr Tony Go!' & 'Brainporium' (TL)Series 14-15
German comedian who has become a Cats regular (HW)Series 14-18
Sporty Spice (MC)Series 14, 18
Finalist in 'Last Comic Standing' in 2008, whose last name is a body part (PF)Series 15-16
Female presenter of The One Show (AJ)Series 15-18
Co-host of The Last Leg and The Jump (AB)Series 16-18
Irish comedienne who won the 'So You Think You're Funny' award at Edinburgh in 2012 (AB)Series 16-18
The female 'Impractical Joker' (RC)Series 16-18
The female judge on ITV show 'Splash' (JB)Series 16-17
Cricketer famous for pedalo incident (AF)Series 16, 18
Male judge on 'The Great British Bake-Off' (PH)Series 17-18
Dry comedian who has had tours including 'Lawnmower' (JA)Series 17-18

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