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Name the artists of the top 20 UK singles tracks containing the words When, Where or Why (90s)

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Forced Order
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TrackRecorded byHint
WHEN you tell me that you love meD R
WHEN a man loves a womanM B
We hate it WHEN our friends become successfulM
WHEN I'm good and readyS
I'll sleep WHEN I'm deadB J
WHEN the sh** goes downC H
WHEN you were youngD A
WHEN we danceS
Yesterday WHEN I was madP S B
Tell me WHENH L
Just WHEN you're thinking things overC
WHEN love and hate collideD L
WHEN I fall in loveA & D
C U WHEN U get thereC & F T
WHEN you're goneB A & M C
Only WHEN I lose myselfD M
WHEN you believeM C & W H
WHEN I need youW M
WHEN the lights go outF
WHEN you say nothing at allR K
Kiss (WHEN the sun don't shine)V
WHEN the heartache is overT T
WHEN we are togetherT
TrackRecorded byHint
WHEN the going gets toughB
WHEN I argue I see shapesI
WHEN I grow upG
WHERE are you babyB B
WHERE is the feelingK M
WHERE the wild roses growN C & K M
I wanna go WHERE the people goW
WHERE love livesA L
Put your hands WHERE my eyes could seeB R
I know WHERE it's atA S
WHERE's the loveH
WHERE can I find loveL J
WHERE do you goN M
Here's WHERE the story endsT T O
I wonder WHYC S
WHY can't I wake up with youT T
WHY must we wait until tonightT T
WHY3 & M J
WHY you treat me so badS & G P
WHY does my heart feel so badM
WHY don't you get a jobO
WHY does it always rain on meT

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