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TrackRecorded byHint
WHEN will I be lovedE B
WHEN the girl in your arms is the girl in your heartC R
WHEN my little girl is smilingC D
WHEN my little girl is smilingJ J
WHEN will you say I love youB F
WHEN you walk in the roomS
WHEN a man loves a womanP S
WHEN I come homeS D G
WHEN you're young and in loveM
WHEN will the good apples fallS
WHEN two worlds collideJ R
TrackRecorded byHint
WHERE the boys areC F
WHERE did our love goS
WHERE are you now (my love)J T
WHERE do you go to (my lovely)P S
I don't know WHYE K
Tell me WHYE P
That's WHY I'm cryingI L
I don't know WHY (I love you)S W

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