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A'It's a trap!'
CHe's fluent in over 6 million forms of communication!
DI'm afraid this will be quite operational when your friends arrive!
EDigital stir fry or cute little animals from the forest moon of Endor
FJango and Boba to name a few...
GHe has 4 lightsabers and a bad case of asthma
HIt's the huge ball of ice with a Rebel base on it
IHe's a robotic bounty hunter, duh!
JThe epitome of sloth and gluttony. He's likely the fattest thing on Tatooine
KThe Millenium Falcon allegedly made this run in under 12 parsecs!
LEverybody's favorite womprat-bullseyeing hero
MThese little buggers attacked the Millenium Falcon in Empire Strikes Back
NQueen Amidala's home world
OPrincess Leia's adoptive surname
PIt's like a Jedi with a learner's permit
QHe's a Jedi master that sounds suspiciously like Aslan the Lion
RJabba's beast in the floor
SHe was the crowd favorite in the Boonta Eve Classic
TThey ride Banthas and carry Gaffi sticks
UThe sinkhole planet from Revenge of the Sith
VHe finds your lack of faith disturbing...
WThey've been known to tear people's arms off if they lose!
XThe ship of choice for the Rebel Alliance
YEasy this one should be
ZShe took a poisoned dart to the neck

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