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Forced Order
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to inherit
to sigh
to carry out
to lose weight
to subtract
to whip against
to polish
to be surrounded
to conform, adapt
to sweat
to bend, force
to sin
to finish, end
to pull
to excuse oneself
to lace up
to lack
to stain
to be correct
to take, carry
to strive
to hang up
to clarify
to please, to be areeable
to find oneself
to occur, take place
to take care of
to thank
to fix
to set (sun)
to leave, to go away (not salir)
to propose marriage
to pay attention to
to pray
to set sail
to save (a life)
to erase
to come to
to whirl around
to kidnap
to sound like
to grow dark
to have a good time
to feel compassion
to become fatigued
to recuperate, get better
to regret
to enjoy oneself
to water (plants)
to beg
to baptize
to shoot (a gun)
to get comfortable
to peel
to shriek, screech, scream
to assimilate
to duplicate
to move out, rush forward
to try out, practice
to swim/bathe
to reach, attain
to lather in soap
to slit the throat of
to alter
to address with the tu form
to dress in
to chip/dice
to light
to marry
to think, to be of the opinion
to imprison
to destribute
to mock, make fun of
to stretch out
to verify, ascertain
to become ugly
to ask for money
to betray
to warn
to bump into
to watch over, protect
to be about to
to break the dawn
to hang
to attack
to touch/caress
to threaten
to be known for
to board
to get dirty
to weaken
to become worse
to restore
to pick up
to cover (up)
to vanish
to connect
to become accostumed
to do something drastic
to bore
to hurry
to vacation
to be within the reach of
to be fed up
to come close, approach
to press
to push
to consult
to whip/whisk
to shake, disturb
to disinfect
to assure
to hand, pass
to shiver
to go hungry
to resemble
to look nice on someone
to crash
to desist
to embroider
to rent
to find out
to leaf through
to stand up
to be informed of
to provide
to come, answer a call
to drown
to come close
to tremble/shake
to snooze/doze
to fit
to travel across/through
to obligate
to invite to a meal
to touch up
to watch/keep a lookout
to upset, worry
to hate, abhor
to guess
to punish
to protest
to be quiet
to be worth the effort
to dare
to tie
to cause grief, pain
to compute
to lean out of

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