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What does Michael's mug say?
What is Angela's beloved/deceased cat's name?
Who does Michael hit with his car?
What DM branch does Jim transfer to in Season 3
When does Roy announce a wedding date to Pam in front of the entire office?
Why does Pam move to New York briefly?
What does Michael attempt to land on to represent office risks of suicide and depression?
What rumor is spread about Andy in 'Gossip'?
What song does Pam sing at the bird funeral?
What singer/color does Kelly list as one of her favorite things?
What movie does Andy compare the office to as people leave during the Season 3 merger?
What does Andy wish to be called after returning from anger management?
Who confiscates Dwight's office arsenal?
Where does Dwight work during a short time away from Dunder Mifflin?
What does Michael stage to reduce the stress in the office?
Who researches Oscar's 'sick' claims?
Who takes credit for the joke 'That's what she said.'
What does Pam accomplish during 'Beach Games'
How does Kevin ruin Michael's birthday?
Where does Michael sleep at Pam and Jim's wedding in Niagara?
Who dates Katy, the purse saleswoman?
What song is Andy's cell phone ring tone?
Where does Michael vacation with Jan?
Where does Jim propose to Pam?
What type of animal does Dwight trap on Meredith's head?

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