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Go I don't like JewsNeither should you they’re ethically and spiritually poor. That's a fact.
I don't like black peopleIt's just not acceptable. There should be some kind of law that is that.
And I get the **** with InuitsThey get on my tits the little bastards.
And womenJust make me so mad. Does that make me bad? Am I bad? Is that bad?
And the ****' Italians I just cannot stand themThey really inspire my rancor cheating **** Italian wankers
And lesbians and the bi-curious make me furiousIt's not their fault I know But still... Grr...
And ****' Christians
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I just want to punch them in their faces
And I'm not comfortable Muslims on the tube
And I can't stand publicly breast-feeding mothers
And I hate gays who talk camply
And the ****' Chinese make me angry
I hate the rich
I hate the poor
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I hate bitches
I hate ****
I hate African
I hate Japanese
I hate disabled
I hate Burmese
Yeah I don't care about your color or your creed I will judge you for no reason

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