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'Bacon? What is bacon?'
'Vince, don't get too close to the animals because they die'
'The Egg of Mantumbi'
'And that's why I don't like cricket!'
'I'm the King of the Mods'
'Your in a Hubba Bubba nightmare'
'Have you ever seen anyone wearing two hats?'
'You wanna know about my thumb, do you boy?'
'Whatever you do avoid Piney Ridge'
'We are looking for the new sound'
'I did a sh*t on a grave'
'I love the chosen one'
Do you like water colours? Do you like Baileys?'
'Did you see Elsie, boy?'
'I'm the brain cell'
'Somebody's copying me' :(
'That's not the film I wanted to show you. That's the film for the night times. The fuzzy tingle times!'
'You are here for one reason alone: to bask in the glory of my outfit'
'Oh, you're Montgomery Flange'

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