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A giant squid monster attacks our spaceship. We defeat it with the power of rock.
After getting pushed off a ledge by a dirty reporter/serial killer. I extract my revenge by poisoning his lemonade. This is after I make out with blonde triplets.
Our band sits in a church and sings until our faces light up, and eventually explode.
While taking my date home from a movie, I suddenly turn into a zombie. I then feel the need to synchronize dance with my zombie pals.
Leave me at the aisle? I dont think so! I'll chase you with my band of bridesmaids until we tie the knot
Our band happily sings our song in a recording studio, that is until we are all massacred by assortments of unicorns, rainbows and kittens
I party with a hippie in the middle of a desert. Drug trip hallucinations ensue.
As your boyfriend makes a breakfast in the kitchen. I, being your suddently come to life stuffed bunny, steal your heart away and we escape through the window.
We break into a mild-mannered family's house and turn the children into head bobbing rock stars. We then proceed to throw the dad out of the front door. Take that establisment.
While playing on stage for an audience of all whitely dressed ninja-mummy things, they progressively turn black and chase us.

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