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Can you name the queens behind these quotes from RPDR Season 9?

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Forced Order
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'These are my summer diamonds. Some are diamonds and some are not.'
'I'm glad these girls see me as a threat.'
'Stoning is for ugly girls.'
'I am all about body, curve, swerve, glamour, class, a little touch of prostitute, and of course, mug.'
'This is RuPaul's Best Group Therapy Race.'
'There's usually a feather or two or maybe five dead ostriches.'
'Come on, English lessons!'
'Probably not the sport for people with an AARP membership.'
'What story are you telling with this unibrow?'
'Not since Destiny's Child has there been a Michelle so famous for riding somebody else's coattails!'
'The true gagarini. That is what is about to go down.'
'She didn't rent it from the Netflix... she bought it.'
'Messica Simpson.'
'I went from a pancake to a Kardashian.'

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