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Can you name the pop-punk band by their name origin?

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Created from combining two name suggestions...or they could've just gotten it from Green Day's song 'Reject'.
Taken from New Found Glory's song, 'Head On Collision'.
Originally called 'Duck Tape' until the guitarist thought of a new name. They added the number on after they were threatened of being sued.
Taken from a Steve Martin comedy act.
Named after the sidekick of the superhero, Radioactive Man, from the Simpsons.
Named after a children's book that the singer used to own.
This band really likes marijuana.
The brother of the guitarist of this band made up their name.
A tribute to the original guitarist's obsession with plaid shirts. Was abbreviated until the periods looked like the letter 'x'.
The bassist thought of the name when he stumbled across a book by Irvine Welsh at the local library he worked at.
Taken from the Get Up Kids' song, 'A Newfound Interest in Massachusetts'.
Named after the Boston band, Negative FX.
Taken from Name Taken's song, 'Panic'.
Taken from the maiden name of the mother of one of their first bass players.
Created by the band voting for random words they threw up on a wall.
Taken from Farside's song, 'Hero'.
Taken from an album released by the band CIV.
It has been said that the band was a way of avoiding a job at McDonald's, but the name might've instead been taken from the 1998 drama flick or Piebold song containing the words.
Taken from the name of a group of 7 lesbians that lived across the hall from the singer.
This band formed on the 41st day of summer.
Taken from Ivory's song, 'The Coast of Maine'.
Their friends felt neglected once this band was formed, hence the name.
Other kids from the singer's childhood used to call him this due to his asthma.
The members of the band used this phrase whenever one of them committed a party foul.

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