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A: spell that clears the target's airway, if blocked
B: engorges a person's snot to large size, gives them wings, and sets them to attacking his or her face
C: seals a door, making an odd squelching noise
D: opens the secret door in the statue of the hump-backed witch
E: spell to wake someone up from being Stunned
F: spell that conjures a wooden rod or splint
G: duplicates the target object
H: reveals human presence in the target area
I: Sends thick ropes out of thin air to wrap around someone or something
J: Causes the target's legs to wobble uncontrollably
K: kills the person
L: A jinx that glues the target's tongue to the roof of his or her mouth
M: moves a body
N: turns off the light from the light spell
O: Conjures a bouquet of flowers out of the end of a wand
P: Lockhart's version of a Freezing Charm
Q: Reverses the effect of the loud voice spell, making the caster's voice normal in volume
R: Keeps Muggles away from the target place or object
S: Causes a large serpent to burst from the end of the caster's wand
T: Cleans up the target object or person
U: A magical effect on a place; makes it impossible to plot its location on a map
V: makes an object not only disappear, but leave completely
W: Shoots a wad of gum out of a keyhole

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