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Forced Order
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The only place for me is the morgue because there, there's no chance of me killing anybody. FML.
The woman I love broke up with me the week before our wedding. Pig W*ore. FML.
When Carla took me to get groomed, she ended up losing me and replacing me with an impostor named Steven. FML.
If only I could ditch my wheelchair-bound, overweight wife for a Vietnamese call girl I'd rather be married to. FML.
I had melanoma and my girlfriend is weirdly obsessed with horses. FML.
I'm pretty sure my husband is more in love with his best friend than he is with me. FML.
I start every morning standing on the roof's edge trying to find the courage to jump off. And I'm sterile. FML.
My girlfriend lied to me about having a miscarriage and elderly gay gentlemen keep using my deck for parties. FML.
I was in a car accident and passed away. Well even though I'm gone - everyone at Sacred Heart will STILL have to answer to Jesus. FML.
Growing up, things were a little tricky what with my brother-dad and sister-mom. And my wife with only thumb, pointer, and pinky. FML.
Devil-woman gave me diabetes. FML.
My husband wants to start wearing his wedding ring and communicating more openly. Why can't he just leave our hate filled relationship the way it is! FML.
Every woman in the hospital thinks I'm disgusting. Can't-tell-why-five! FML.
My first time around in Med School, I didn't just crash and burn but went nuclear. You better recognize…FML.
I'm mid-thirties and still just a delivery man. And I don't even have the brain trust anymore. FML.
I'm phobia-phobic, lost many of my boyfriends to my mother, and am a crazy woman! FML.
Okay, so maybe I lied about having a miscarriage, but I was really pregnant and a little crazy at the time! FML.
My boyfriend's kind of a tool and I'm pretty sure Dr. Cox is going to kill me. Med School is tough. FML.
My boyfriend told me he loved me. God, he's such a girl. FML.
Why oh why am I stuck with a student as irritating as Carol. Why God, why. FML.

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