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QUIZ: Can you name the following about Robin Hood?

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Forced Order
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Main Character (duh)
What animal is he?
Best Friend
What animal is he?
Love of his life
What animal is she?
Her lady-in-waiting
What animal is she?
The first time they appear, they are playing _________
The protagonist hides out in _______
Near the town of ________
Friendly churchman who lives in town
What animal is he?
Evil Prince who took over his brother's throne
What animal is he?
His assistant
What animal is he?
What was the name of the brother the Prince tricked into leaving.
Much of the movie is narrated by a banjo-strumming __________
The young rabbit the main character visits on his birthday
His shy, uncertain friend
What animal is he?
'He taxes the heart and soul out of the poor people of Nottingham'
What animal is he?
One of his assistants, who carries a crossbow
What animal is he?
His brother
Frequent saying throughout the movie, and name of the first song
The Prince tries to catch the protagonist, by hosting an _________
The protagonist goes, disguised as a __________
After escaping, they rejoice, and sing a mocking song about the Prince, entitled _________
What does the protagonist say, when he is disguised as an old blind beggar?
At the end, the reinstated King has an outlaw __________

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