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Can you name the the following about the matrix?

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Main Character
His real name?
The mysterious man who has the answers the protagonist wants?
The name of his ship
She falls in love with the protagonist
He falls in love with above, betrays them all
One of the only two humans on the ship, killed by above
Brother of above
Young crewmember on the ship, killed in the Matrix
Female crewmember, killed by the traitor
Male crewmember, killed by the traitor
The sentient programs in the Matrix are referred to as?
The human city underground
The woman in the Matrix who helps free people
What book by Lewis Carroll is referenced to throughout the movie?
In the very beginning, what is the protagonist told to do, while on the computer?
What common electronic device is used to get people out of the matrix?
What color is the pill the protagonist takes, to learn more about the Matrix?
What are the machines that attack the ship called?
While visiting the oracle, what does the protagonist bend with his mind?
What does the protagonist experience that means something in the Matrix has been changed?
What does he see twice?
What do the machines farm as sources of energy?
What does the female main character learn to fly?
Where does the protagonist fight one of the sentient programs, alone in the Matrix
At the very end, what does the protagonist do after hanging up the phone?

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