The Lion King

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Where the movie takes place:
The main character:
Main Character's father:
Wise monkey who paints pictures inside a tree
King's brother
Main character's mother
Main character's best friend
King's counselor (hornbill)
Female hyena
Male hyena
Other, incomprehensible, hyena
Song sung at the very beginning
Song sung about the change in relationship between the main character and his childhood friend
Song sung by the angry uncle, and hyenas
The King is killed during a stampede of what animal
The name of the King's domain
Where does the uncle trick the prince into going
Oh I just can't wait! To be ________
The warthog and meerkat feast off of:
What's the upbeat motto meaning, 'no worries'
While imprisoned, the hornbill begins singing what song?
The King's death is planned by:
What kind of game does the Uncle despise?
What are the stars rumored to be?

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