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Can you name the following about the alchemyst?

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Name of male twin
Color of his aura?
Name of female twin
Color of her aura?
He worked at a bookstore called the?
She worked at a coffee shop called the?
Owner of the coffee shop?
Owner of bookstore, (his alias) (^)
His actual name?
What does his magic smell like?
His wife's name (#)
His enemy from England? (*)
What color is his aura?
What does his magic smell like?
In what city does the story start?
What magical creature does (*) bring with him to attack (^)
What second generation elder does (^) go to for help?
Name of the Crow Goddess?
Name of the Cat Goddess?
Where (#) is being held at the end of the novel
Who does (^) go to for help after being attacked on the bridge?
Also known as the Goddess with Three _____?
Her aura smells of?
What is the name of the World Tree in her Shadowrealm
After the Shadowrealm falls, where does (^) go for guidance?
Who lives there?
She teaches the female twin which elemental magic?
Using Ley Lines, the twins escape to what continent?

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