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and i go watch your life in...
you could've been getting down to this...
now im a...piece of paper
and the hours pass by, i just wanna be..
he just might make me...but the whole time i'm wishing it was you instead
last night i heard my own heart...sounded like footsteps on my stairs
i'll run my fingers through your...
i was walking up the..
look in those beautiful eyes and know she's...cause
so he calls me up and he's like 'i'
and to the fella over there with the...good hair
It takes everything in me not
music starts playing like the end of
i guess it's true that love was all you..cause you're giving it away like its extra change
he will try to take away my... and he just might make me smile
how'd when i was in the middle of saying somethin
cause for a moment a band ripped up jeans
That's when you came in wearing a...and say 'okay lets talk!'
if what you are is a...that i'll never get to hold
hey whatcu doing with that
once upon a time a few...

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