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QUIZ: Can you name these signifigant events of 1516?

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Juan Díaz de Solís discovers the _______, is killed and eaten by cannibals.January 20
King Ferdinand II of Aragon dies, leaving Charles of Ghent to become the King of _____.January 23
Queen Mary I of ______, daughter of King Henry VIII and Queen Catherine of Aragon is born.February 18
Selim I of the __________ declares war on the Mameluks and invades Syria.July
Treaty of ________: Peace is declared the between Kingdom of France and the Holy Roman Empire.December 4
The Venetian Ghetto is instituted, the first ghetto anywhere, which held people from what religion?unknown
______ publishes the book Utopia.unknown
Leonardo da Vinci accepts Francis I's invitation to ______.unknown
Manco Yupanqui, ruler of the _____ Empire is born. unknown
The _______, the world's oldest social housing complex still in use, is created.unknown
The Pattani Kingdom is formed, covering most of what current-day country?unknown

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