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Can you name the The Sea of Trolls Characters?

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Main character, age 11
Jack's sister, age 5
Jack and Lucy's father
Jack and Lucy's mother, a wise woman
A druid from Ireland
The bard is also known as
The blacksmith's son
A monk from the Holy Isle
Leader of the Queen's Berserkers
Member of Olaf's crew
Member of Olaf's crew
Member of Olaf's crew, afraid of the dark
Member of Olaf's crew, afraid of the dark
A skald who can no longer sing
A berserker wannabe, age 12
Thorgil's father, famous berserker
Thorgil's mother
Thorgil's brother
Captain of a ship, not a berserker
Village headman, an oath-breaker
Village headman
Village headman, likes to collect ears
Olaf's chief wife, a wise woman from Finnmark
Olaf's junior wife
Olaf's junior wife
Heide and Olaf's son, age 16
King of the Golden Hall
A famous warrior
Olaf's king
Friend of Eric Pretty-Face, leg bitten off by a troll
Olaf and Lotti's daughter
A noble crow
A horse whose sire came from Elfland
An Irish wolfhound
Maeve's puppies
Maeve's puppies
Maeve's puppies
Maeve's puppies
A troll-boar with a filthy disposition
9 enormous troll-cats with beautiful red-gold fur
A family of 4 Jotunheim owls
A mother with a nest of dragonlets
A turkey-size grouse with 10 speckled chicks
Gossip-bearing squirrel that runs up and down Yggdrasil
Ruler of Jotunheim
The Mountain Queen's daughter, speaks to humans
The Mountain Queen's daughter, speaks to whales
Fonn and Forath's father, the Mountain Queen's chief consort

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