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Can you name the Battlestar Galactica Characters?

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Forced Order
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43rd in line for the presidency of the Twelve Colonies
Killed on a bar on Cloud 9 while trying to save Dualla
Daughter of Helo and Athena
Invovled with the Chief in the distant past
The real father of Nicholas Tyrol
Number Two
Final President of the Tweleve Colonies
Passed Zak Adama in flight school
Commader of Pegasus immediately after the fall of the colonies
Prostitute who lives on Cloud 9 that Lee visits from time to time
Committed suicide in the locker room
Discovered the Temple of Five and the Eye of Jupiter
President on New Caprica
Callsign Husker
Priest and spiritual advisor who was killed on Kobol
Attempted to kill Baltar's lawyers
The only cat seen on BSG

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