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DescriptionFamous Greek
From Alexandria, the “Father of Geometry”
Mathematician, engineer and inventor who invented a screw-pump named after him
Anatomist and physician who described the heart as a pump
Founder of Western Philosophy, pupil of Plato and tutor of Alexander
Founder of the Academy in Athens, the first institution of higher education
Greatest Greek epic poet, wrote the Iliad and Odyssey
King of Macedon and conquered a huge Empire
Spartan general who defeated Athens in the Peloponnesian War
Athenian soldier and philosopher, a friend of Socrates who preserved many of his sayings
Great orator and speechmaker who tried to prevent Macedon from dominating Athens
DescriptionFamous Greek
Playwright who wrote “The Frogs”, known as “The Father of Comedy”
Physician known as “The Father of Medicine”
Mathematician and founder of a religious sect, who devised a theorem that bears his name
Physician, the first to systematically dissect corpses and pioneer of the scientific method
Historian known as “The Father of History”
Philosopher who was the tutor of Plato, renowned for his work in the field of ethics.
Noble who organised the democratic revolution in Athens
Commander of Athenian forces at the Battle of Marathon
The first legislator in Ancient Greece. Harsh laws are named after him.

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