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InformationName etc
Elizabeth I’s paternal grandfather
Elizabeth I’s father
Elizabeth I’s mother
Born outside marriage
Some people claimed that when Elizabeth was born, her father was still legally married to this woman
Elizabeth’s half-sister
Elizabeth’s half-brother
This man was executed for planning to marry Elizabeth in her half-brother's reign
Where Elizabeth was imprisoned during her half-sister’s reign
The rebellion of 1554 which led to Elizabeth’s imprisonment
The rebellion of 1554 aimed to prevent the Queen’s marriage to this man
Where Elizabeth was when she heard she was Queen
Year Elizabeth was born
Year she became Queen
Disease which killed Elizabeth’s predecessor as Queen
Disease which almost killed Elizabeth in 1562
One of the laws which created the Elizabethan Settlement
One of the laws which created the Elizabethan Settlement
Elizabeth’s Chief Secretary until his death in 1598
Title she gave her Chief Secretary in 1571
Elizabeth’s religion
Ruler of Scotland until 1567, who spent the last 19 years of her life in England
Mary Stuart’s 2nd husband, murdered in 1567
Mary Stuart’s 3rd husband
Mary Stuart’s son, who later became King of England when Elizabeth died.
InformationName etc
“hotter sort of Protestants” who disliked the Elizabethan Settlement
Biggest rebellion of Elizabeth’s reign, in 1569
What the Pope did to Elizabeth in 1570, in the Bull Regnans in Excelsis
1571 assassination plot against Elizabeth
The only duke in England, executed in 1572
Master of the Queen’s Horse and (allegedly) Elizabeth’s lover
Earl executed after the 1569 uprising
Sea-dog who became the first Englishman to circumnavigate the world, 1577-1580
Assassination plot of 1583
Assassination plot of 1586, which led to the arrest, trial and execution of Mary Stuart
Castle in Northamptonshire where Mary Stuart was executed
Name given to the correspondence which supplied the evidence against Mary Stuart at her trial
Leader of the Dutch rebels, assassinated in 1584
Group of Protestant nobles who swore to avenge the Queen’s death, should Elizabeth be assassinated
The Spanish fleet, which tried to invade England in 1588
Commander of the English fleet in 1588
Battle in the English Channel between the English and Spanish fleets
Commander of the Spanish army in the Netherlands
Spanish commander of the Armada
Elizabethan name for a vagrant
Became Elizabeth’s Chief Secretary in Elizabeth’s last years, replacing his father
Robert Dudley’s stepson, who was executed for treason in 1601
The Bard of Avon, England’s greatest playwright
London’s best-known theatre

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