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LyricsSong TitleAlbum
Here we go againFOUR
Hold you when you sleepMidnight Memories
Her mum calls me loveFOUR
From the way that we touch babyUp All Night
Two days in the same clothesTake Me Home
My kids think I'm a jokeFOUR
Mabye they have to take some timeMidnight Memories
Late night spaces with all our friendsMidnight Memories
He's got 27 tattoosTake Me Home
Different date every nightUp All Night
Playing this guitar by the fire to loudTake Me Home
They make you look so smallMidnight Memories
Play on the eyes of the innocenseFOUR
LyricsSong TitleAlbum
Tell me you don't want me kissUp All Night
You still have to squeeze into your jeansTake Me Home
Hides behind a cigarette FOUR
Hotter then a jet stream burning upFOUR
I'm afraid you'll run awayTake Me Home
Skydive, you and I Midnight Memories
A long way from the playgroundFOUR
Just shout it out, shout it outTake Me Home
Talking about your eyesFOUR
Worried what her friends would thinkMidnight Memories
Katy Perry's on replayUp All Night
Innocence on my pillow caseFOUR

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