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Can you name the Characters of R. A. Salvatore's Forgotten Realms based on the description?

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Forced Order
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Legendary assassin and rival of 'D'. The latter considers him his dark half.A
One of 'D's closest friends and 8th (and 10th) King of Mithril Hall. Trademarks include well-suppressed compassion, a red beard, and a broken-horned helm.B
Stubborn and passionate adoptive daughter of 'B' who becomes the love interest of 'W' and 'D'. Wields a magical bow with infinite arrows.C
Our scimitar-wielding main protagonist who forsook the evil ways of his people to live on the surface. He shares his words of wisdom with us at the start of each book.D
Wicked balor who receives 'W' as a gift from Lolth post his apparent death and proceeds to torture him for six years.E
Red dragon who destroys the Ghearufu and ferries Cadderly and friends to Castle Trinity.F
Beloved feline companion to 'D' who is summoned from the astral plane via a magical figurine.G
Member of a family of very eccentric (and hilarious) wizards who once lost his eyeballs in Mithral Hall after a failed teleportation spell.H
Ornery, grouchy, yellow-bearded dwarf who, along with his eccentric sibling, is charged with the care of Cadderly's family.I
Opportunistic and flamboyant drow leader of a group of renegade mercenaries whose powers of observation are second to none. Think half Don Juan and half Captain Jack Sparrow.J
Cowardly, angular-featured man exiled from the Order of Deneir for causing the death of a headmaster. He consumes the Chaos Curse and successfully conquers the Edificant Library.K
Alias of a fanatically vengeful elf warrior who teams up with Sheila Kree to kill 'D', even at the cost of his own life.L
Mother of 'D' who successfully coordinates the downfall of two of the ruling houses of Menzoberranzan.M
Ingenious gnome alchemist from Mirabar whose abstract ingenuity was instrumental in the victory of Mithral Hall over a vast horde of orcs.N
Orc king and avatar of Gruumsh known for supernatural strength and uncharacteristic vision of establishing a kingdom of orcs living in harmony with the other surface races.O
Thieves' Guildmaster of Calimport who hires a deadly assassin to retrieve a traitorous halfling protege and his stolen pendant. He has a passionate love of large felines.P
Daughter of the First House of Menzoberranzan who became a high priest in record time and makes no secret of her desire to assassinate her eldest sister.Q
Lazy halfling whose hobbies include fishing and scrimshawing. His penchant for large meals has earned him the nickname 'Rumblebelly'.R
Cunning lieutenant of the Basadoni Guild who becomes liaison for Bregan D'earthe upon J's takeover in Calimport.S
Fanatically loyal and reckless leader of Mithral Hall's Gutbuster Brigade well known for his aversion to bathing and his unwavering conviction that females are sexier with beards.T
The self-proclaimed 'ultrin sargtlin', this colossal, trident-wielding drow weapon master singlehandedly defeats the entire Gutbuster Brigade.U
Remarkably sadistic, diminutive daughter of Menzoberranzan's First House. Known affectionately by her mother as 'duk-tak'.V
Gargantuan adoptive son of 'B' who wields a magical warhammer and is known, among other things, for slaying the wyrm Dracos Icingdeath.W
Militia peacekeeping force in Mirabar whose leader arrests Torgar Hammerstriker when he leaves the city (contains an 'X').X
Ancient Matron Mother of the First House of Menzoberranzan who spearheads an ill-fated crusade against Mithral Hall.Y
Legendary weapon master and patron of House Do'Urden who was father and mentor to 'D' and whose moral code ultimately caused the destruction of his house.Z

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