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Can you name the songs of Elvis by their lyrics??

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Forced Order
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 Oh, let our love survive! I'll dry the tears from your eyes.
 And he left me with a prayer that I'd find you.
 The frauleins are pretty as flowers, but we can't make a pass.
 they said you was high class...
 I remember crying when she used to sing.
 I hear the rolling thunder...
 I'll be yours through all the years.
 You fooled me with your kisses. You cheated and you schemed.
 Sad sack was sittin' on a block of stone...
 Her personality unwinds, just like a ball of twine on a spool that never ends
 You can burn my house, steal my car, drink my liquor from an old fruit jar.
 Don't say a word about tomorrow or forever.
 Can't you see her eyes are misty as she said goodbye?
 Oh the race upon the highway. Oh the curve you didn't see.
 All the stars will tell the story of the love in all its glory.
 the beasts from the wild shall be lead by a child
 My so called friends stop being friendly...
 If you see it once, you'll never be the same again.
 Life goes on around him, everywhere...
 Don't tell me baby, you gotta go. I got the hi-fi high and the lights down low.

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