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Elemental god of the upper air of heavenProtogenoi or Primordial Dieties
Personification of destiny, inevitability, necessity, and fateProtogenoi or Primordial Dieties
The 'formless' or 'void state'Protogenoi or Primordial Dieties
Personification of timeProtogenoi or Primordial Dieties
Personification of darknessProtogenoi or Primordial Dieties
Goddess or personification of EarthProtogenoi or Primordial Dieties
Personification of the dayProtogenoi or Primordial Dieties
Goddess of nightProtogenoi or Primordial Dieties
First god to rule OlympusProtogenoi or Primordial Dieties
Sea godProtogenoi or Primordial Dieties
Personification of a deep dungeon pit beneath the underworldProtogenoi or Primordial Dieties
Goddess of the SeaProtogenoi or Primordial Dieties
Personification of the skyProtogenoi or Primordial Dieties
The 'inflexible', goddess of fate and destinyMoirai or Fates
Spins the thread of human life; goddess of fateMoirai or Fates
'Disposer of lots', measurer of the thread of lifeMoirai or Fates
God of the inquisitive mindTitanes
God of the constellationsTitanes
Titan king, god of timeTitanes
God of lightTitanes
God of mortalityTitanes
Personification of the world oceanTitanes
Personification of memoryTitanides
Goddess of the bright intellectTitanides
Goddess of female fertility, motherhood, and generationTitanides
Goddess of the sources of fresh water which nourished the earthTitanides
Goddess of sight and shining light of the clear blue skyTitanides
God of good council, divine order, law and customTitanides
Goddess of the dawnTitans; Hyperionides
Personification of the sunTitans; Hyperionides
Goddess of the moon and ocean tidesTitans; Hyperionides
Goddess of nocturnal oracles and falling starsTitans; Koionides
Goddess of motherhood and protectress of the youngTitans; Koionides
God of the duskTitans; Krionides
God of warcraftTitans; Krionides
God of destructionTitans; Krionides
Holds the sky on his shouldersTitans; Iapetionides
God of hindsight or afterthoughtTitans; Iapetionides
God of violent anger, rash action, and human mortalityTitans; Iapetionides
Trickster; created man from clay and stole fire from the godsTitans; Iapetionides
'The Big-Limbed'Hecatonchires
'The Striker'; 'The Furious'Hecatonchires
'The Vigorous'; god of sea stormsHecatonchires
Vivid-flash cyclopsCyclopes
Thunder cyclopsCyclopes
Lightning-bolt cyclopsCyclopes
Major antagonist of the OdysseyCyclopes
Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreationDodekatheon
God of the sun, light healing, plague, music and poetryDodekatheon
God of warDodekatheon
Goddess of the hunt, wild animals, wildnerness, childbirth and virginityDodekatheon
Goddess of wisdom, courage, civilization, law, justice, arts and craftsDodekatheon
Goddess of the harvest, grains, and earth fertilityDodekatheon
God of blacksmiths, craftsmen, metals, fire and volcanoesDodekatheon
Goddess of women and marriageDodekatheon
Messenger of the gods; god of transitions and boundariesDodekatheon
Virgin goddess of the hearth, architecture, family and stateDodekatheon
God of the sea, earthquakes, and horsesDodekatheon
Ruler of Mount Olympus; god of sky and thunderDodekatheon
God of medicine and healingTheoi Olympioi
Personification of terrorTheoi Olympioi
God of wine, grapes, and ecstasyTheoi Olympioi
Goddess of childbirth and midwiferyTheoi Olympioi
Goddess of war, destruction of citiesTheoi Olympioi
God of sexual loveTheoi Olympioi
Goddess of harmony and conchordTheoi Olympioi
Goddess of youthTheoi Olympioi
Personification of the rainbow and messenger of the godsTheoi Olympioi
Personification of fearTheoi Olympioi
Muse of epic poetryMousai or Muses
Muse of historyMousai or Muses
Muse of lyric poetry or love poetryMousai or Muses
Muse of music or songMousai or Muses
Muse of tragedyMousai or Muses
Muse of hymnsMousai or Muses
Muse of danceMousai or Muses
Muse of comedy and idyllic poetryMousai or Muses
Muse of astronomyMousai or Muses
Goddess of beauty, splendor, glory, magnificence and adornmentCharities or Graces
Goddess of joy; incarnation of grace and beautyCharities or Graces
Goddess of hallucinationCharities or Graces
Goddess of festivity and luxurious banquetsCharities or Graces
Goddess of justice, moral order and fair judgementHorae or Hours
Personification of peaceHorae or Hours
Goddess of law and legislationHorae or Hours
Personification of forceStyktides
Winged goddess of victoryStyktides
Personification of dedication, jealousy, and zealStyktides
'Sea monster', primordial sea goddessTheoi Halioi or Sea Gods
Mortal fisherman turned into a sea-god mermanTheoi Halioi or Sea Gods
Old man of the sea, god of the sea's bountyTheoi Halioi or Sea Gods
God of hidden dangers of the deepTheoi Halioi or Sea Gods
'Old Man of the Sea'Theoi Halioi or Sea Gods
Merman; messenger god of the seaTheoi Halioi or Sea Gods
Metamorphosed into a black poplarNymphs
Priestess of Hera, seduced by Zeus who changed her into a heiferNymphs
Ash tree or honey nymphsNymphs
Goddess or Personification of the SeaNymphs; Nereides
'The waterer'; became a fountain in SicilyNymphs; Nereides
Goddess nymph of the mythical island of OgygiaNymphs; Nereides
Nymph asociated with spring, flowers, and new growthNymphs; Nereides
Goddess of calm seasNymphs; Nereides
Goddess of WaterNymphs; Nereides
Goddess of renown, fame, and infamyNymphs; Oceanides
Goddess of the oracle of DodonaNymphs; Oceanides
Bounty of the seaNymphs; Oceanides
Goddess of water-meadows and pasturelandsNymphs; Oceanides
Goddess of good council, advise, planning and wisdomNymphs; Oceanides
Arcadian nymph, mother of the PleiadesNymphs; Oceanides
Goddess of luck, fortune, chance, and fateNymphs; Oceanides
'Shining amber', raped by ZeusNymphs; Pleiades
'The Nursing Mother'Nymphs; Pleiades
Chief river dietyPotamoi or River Gods
A river god of SicilyPotamoi or River Gods
River-god who fought AchillesPotamoi or River Gods
Goddess of the healing processPersonifications
Personification of deceitPersonifications
Personification of the breezePersonifications
God of old agePersonifications
Goddess and personification health and cleanlinessPersonifications
Personification of sleepPersonifications
Personification of strength and powerPersonifications
Personification of insanityPersonifications
Personification of mockery and blamePersonifications
Personification of DoomPersonifications
Goddess of misery and distressPersonifications
Goddess of universal remedyPersonifications
Personification of affection, sex, and friendshipPersonifications
God of wealthPersonifications
Personification of longing or yearningPersonifications
Goddess of wisdomPersonifications
Titan of the Underworld and personification of hatePersonifications
Personification of deathPersonifications
Personification of dreamingOneiroi or Dreams
God of dreamsOneiroi or Dreams
Inanimate objects in dreamsOneiroi or Dreams
God of the underworldTheoi Khthonioi or Underworld Dieties
Goddess of magic, witchcraft, night, the moon and ghostsTheoi Khthonioi or Underworld Dieties
Vegetation goddess; queen of the underworldTheoi Khthonioi or Underworld Dieties
Ferryman of Hades who carries souls across the riverTheoi Khthonioi or Underworld Dieties
'The unceasing anger'Erinyes or Furies
'The jealous one'Erinyes or Furies
Goddess of punishment for murderErinyes or Furies
Eldest and strongest of the GigantesGigantes
Giant under Mt. EtnaGigantes
Giant slain by a volley of molten ironGigantes
Leader of the Eleusinian MysteriesApotheothenai
Demi-god of the Eleusinian mysteries who presided over the sowing of grain and the milling of wheatApotheothenai
Mortal man swallowed by the earth and transformed into a demon; built the temple at DelphiApotheothenai
God of beauty and desireOther gods
Goddess of chaos, strife, and discordOther gods
Beautiful mortal prince of Troy who became the god of homosexual loveOther gods
Goddess of plantsOther gods
God of bisexuality and effeminacyOther gods
Two-faced god of beginnings, doors, gates and endingsOther gods
Goddess of retribution for evil deeds or undeserved good fortuneOther gods
God of the wild, nature, shepherds and flocksOther gods
Goddess of judicial punishment and exactor of vengeanceOther gods
Fertility god, protector of livestock, gardens and male genitaliaOther gods
'Father of all monsters'Monsters
'Mother of All Monsters'Monsters
3-headed monster, defeated in the 10th laborMonsters
3-headed hound that guards the gates to the underworldMonsters
Fire-breathing female creature composed of a lion, a goat and a serpentMonsters
Head of a bull on the body of a manMonsters
Female monster with a lion's body, woman's head and eagle wingsMonsters
Immortal GorgonGorgons
Mortal gorgonGorgons
Eldest GorgonGorgons
Winged horse which sprang from the neck of a GorgonCreatures
Three sisters who shared one eye and one tooth among themGroup
Winged spirits of sudden, sharp gusts of windGroup
Beautiful femme fatales who lure sailors to shipwreck with their voicesGroup
Noble centaur; teacher of many heroesCentaurs
Half-giant who challenged passers-by to a wrestling matchGiants
All-seeing guardian of the heifer-nymphGiants
Giant huntsman placed as a constellationGiants
Greek Hero of the Trojan War with a weak spotDemigods
King of AeginaDemigods
Flaming hair monster that feasted on blood of young menDemigods
Beautiful woman whose abduction started the Trojan WarDemigods
Strongest hero, performed 12 famous laboursDemigods
King of CreteDemigods
Proud and beautiful hunter who fell in love with his own reflectionDemigods
Greatest of all poets and musiciansDemigods
Great hero; slayer of a Gorgon and sea monsterDemigods
Wise king of Crete; later became a judge of the deadDemigods
Hero founder of Athens, slayer of the labyrinth monsterDemigods
Virgin huntress who helped slay the Calydonian boar, but lost a footraceHumans
Hero Pegasus-rider that kills the ChimeraHumans
Hero founder of Thebes, slayer of the dragonHumans
Innovator; creator of the labyrinth and wings for humansHumans
Young shepherd prince loved by the moon goddessHumans
Trojan prince and greatest warrior of TroyHumans
Cretan who flew too close to the sunHumans
Hero leader of the Argonauts on their quest for the Golden FleeceHumans
Greek hero of the Trojan War, has a 10-year journey home after the warHumans
Tragic hero who killed his father and married his motherHumans
The first woman who openeda jar and released all the evils of humanityHumans
King of Ephyra, punished to push a boulder uphill foreverHumans

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