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Keeps raising the mission in hopes of getting a 'feather in his cap'.
The 'M' and the 'M' in M&M Enterprises.
He told Yossarian he was cold... and then he died.
Knows how to treat the girls he considers 'nice and clean'. The one he raped and killed wasn't.
Doctor who explains to Yossarian that Catch-22 prohibits him from grounding Yossarian.
Friend of Yossarian who is in love with an Italian prostitute who ignores him.
Lieutenant, and eventually Lieutenant General, obsessed with parades.
Ubiquitous and unwritten rule that, by the end of the novel, simply means that might makes right.
Yossarian's roommate, fond of putting crabapples in his cheeks and crashing bombers.
Mild-mannered chaplain who aides Yossarian whenever possible.
Former Life Magazine photographer always being suffocated by Huple's cat.
One of the most powerful men in the U.S. army, he hopes to one day be an ex-general
After Nately's death, she vows to kill Yossarian and almost succeeds.
A Native American, his family was always on the move because the hundreds of oilmen who followed them where always kicking them off their land when they struck oil.
The man behind Colonel Cathcart, shrewd and cynical.
General who never goes anywhere without his young nurse and son-in-law.
Knows that everyone is trying to kill him.

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