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Can you name the Countries that did not Survive the 20th Century

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Dates extantAnswerEventual Fate
c.900-1900Ceded sovereignty to the British Empire
c.1625-1900Conquered by Belgium
1881-1900Conquered by the British Empire
15th cent-1901Made into a British protectorate
1591-1901Conquered by France
1690-1902Conquered by the British Empire
1516-1902Annexed by Siam
1854-1902Conquered by the British Empire
1899-1900, 1903Re-incporporated into Boliva in 1900. Annexed by Brazil in 1903
1496-1903Conquered by the Dutch
1804–1903Conquered by the British Empire
1905-1906Re-annexed by the Russian Empire
1635-1909Conquered by France
1620–1910Incorporated into Portuguese Angola
1897-1910Annexed by Japan
1898-1913Union with Kingdom of Greece
1867-1918Dissolved in the wake of WWI
1918Split into Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan
1918Annexed by Serbia
1918Incorporated into France
1918-1919United with Ukranian People's Republic
1919Incorporated into the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes
1919Re-incorporated into Germany
1917-1920Annexed by USSR
1917-1920Annexed by USSR
Dates extantAnswerEventual Fate
1919-1920Reorganized as the Free State of Fiume
1836-1921Incorporated into Sultanate of Nejd
1902-1921Unified into Sultanate of Nejd
1920-1921Re-incorporated into Iran
1920-1922Incorporated into USSR
1920-1924Annexed by Italy
c.1850-1926Annexed by Italy
1299-1923Dissolved in the wake of WWI
1922-1924Defeated by the British Empire
1921-1925Unified into Sultanate of Nejd and Hajaz
1921-1925Unified into Sultanate of Nejd and Hajaz
1875-1926Annexed by Italy
1921-1926Reabsorbed into Morocco and Spain
1926-1932Incorporated into Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
1906-1934Annexed by Saudi Arabia
1933-1934Reincorporated into China
1924-1935Reformed into the Kingdom of Greece
1938-1939Incorporated into Turkey
1939Incorporated into Hungary
1878-1918, 1941-1944Incorporated as part of Yugoslavia both times.
1921-1944Annexed by USSR
1941-1944Annexed by USSR
1941-1944Puppet state of Italy and Germany
1932-1945Puppet state of Japan. Reunited with China post WWII.
1946-1947Soviet puppet state. Re-incorporated into Iran
Dates extantAnswerEventual Fate
1947-1948Incorporated into Pakistan
1947-1948Incorporated into India
1944-1949Absorbed into China
1912-1951Annexed by China
1958Union dissolved
1958-1961Union between Egypt and Syria dissolved
1960-1961Incorporated into the Democratic Republic of the Congo
1959-1963Restored as part of the Maldives
1960-1963Incorporated into the Democratic Republic of the Congo
1961-1964United with Zanzibar
1963-1964Dissolved after communist uprising
1964United with Tanganyika
1820-1970Reorganized into Sultanate of Oman
1967-1970Re-incorporated into Nigeria
1955-1975Annexed by North Vietnam
1945-1976United with South Vietnam
1918-1990United with South Yemen
1949-1990Reunified with the Federal German Republic (West Germany)
1967-1990United with North Yemen
1922-1991Dissolved into component republics
1918-1939, 1945-1992Split into Czech Republic and Slovakia
1991-1995Incorporated into Croatia
1992-1995Reincorporated into Bosnia and Herzegovina

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