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Can you name the Brute Force Characters?

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Forced Order
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Dual Wielding hero of the game/ Leader of Brute Force Team.Brute Force
Feral Warrior who was outcast for his heretical beliefs.Brute Force
Undercover spy sent to gather information on the Seers.Brute Force
Adroid designed by Confederation to fight.Brute Force
The Red Hand's number one assassin.Red Hand
Android working for the Kingman Corporation.Kingman Corporation
The main villain of the game/ The evil leader of the Seers.Seer Coven
Secret villain who emerges after the fall of the Seers/ Leader of Shrikes.Shrike Raiders
A powerful mutant turned radioactive.Mutant Colony
Accompanies Tex on his first mission.Confederation
Also accompanies Tex on his first mission.Confederation
Confed Sergeant only available in Co-op mode.Confederation
The money grabbing head of the Kingman CorporationKingman Corporation
Commander of the Confederation/ Gives out missions to the Brute Force team.Confederation

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