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Eccentric costumed robber/wannabee hero
...his partner in crime and love interest
Young and rising Camorrista who grew up in Hell's Kitchen
Conta de'oro to the Martillo family and a 1711 immortal
Clumsy Martillo executive who lights a building on fire
Skinny Martillo executive. Nicknamed the ghost.
Elderly Japanese Martillo executive. Also Firo's old mentor.
Don of the Martillo family
Demon aboard the Advena Avis. Chimatore of the Martillo family
The chinese waitress in the Alveare
Old man bent on science and devouring people
Faithful homunculus who betrays her master
Discovered the recipe for the complete version of the grand panacea
Rebellious rich kid turned street goon
Young Genoard heiress who searches faithfully for her brother
...her old fashioned steward
...her house maid/attendant
Staff manager at the Daily Days Newspaper company. Ex-Military.
Kind hearted information broker who wears chinese clothing
Daily Days employee whose hunger for information lands him in trouble
The Vice President of Daily Days
...his faithful assisstant
Leader of the Runorata Mafioso
1711 Immortal in guise of Runorata Drug Specialist
Killer of the Senior Genoard family members
A local drug addict who laments his connections with the Mafia
...his poor girlfriend
Youngest brother to the Gandor Family
Middle brother to the Gandor Family
Eldest brother to the Gandor Family
Lover of Scissors/Gandor torture expert
Lover of Swords/Hearty Gandor assassin
Like a brother to the Gandors/'Rail Tracer'
...his silent, knife wielding love interest
1711 Immortal with insatiable desire for complete knowledge
...his best friend the smile junkie
1711 Immortal devoured aboard the Advena Avis for his incomplete knowledge
...his sorrowful lover who waits to consume the Panacea until she is beautiful
Paranoid young child on the run from Immortals who could devour him
...his sadistic torturer
Mask wearing immortal who is adept with a blade. Odd way of speaking
1711 Immortal with a passion for the law. Unbelievably arrogant
Asian immortal buried beneath an avalanche
A weary inspector longing for justice. Later joins the FBI
An aloof and business-like Senator
...his wife
...her daughter
Crybaby leader of a resistance. Tattoo of a sword is brandished upon his face
...his long time friend and love interest. Bomb nut
Chef aboard the Flying Pussyfoot and later the Genoard Manor
Waiter aboard the Flying Pussyfoot and later Genoard Manor
Giant of a man who hails from Mexico
...his friend aboard the Pussyfoot.
The woman in work wear. Daily days employee and train enthusiast
Leader of the Lemures/ Black suits
Sadistic marksman within the Black Suits
Expert assassin from Chicago/Leader of the White Suits
...his enigmatic bride
Member of the White Suits killed by the Rail Tracer
Wrench swinging lunatic from the slums of Chicago
...his right hand man
Lamia homunculus who has a thing for the above mentioned wrench swinger.
Sarcastic Homunculus in bowler hat
Claw-wielding homunculus who dedicates himself to his job
Giant of a Homunculus/A bit dopey lookin'
...his patched-up companion
A being assembled of collective consciousness. Refered to as part of the 'twins'
The other twin who also is a being of great philosophical intrigue
Jovial homunculus with inferiority complex. Nicknamed the Vampire
...his young charge
The young genius leader of Larvae
The youngest sister of the Laforet family. Called a fairy
A timid spear wielder who kills people to prove her worth
Clumsy researcher working for the Nebula corporation
Many assassins have gone by this name
Asian inmate in alcatraz who bears dragon tattoos and has a penchant for cannibalism
Huge african american inmate in alcatraz. Covered in vicious scars
Young actress who thinks the world is hers
...younger brother who clings to her
Young girl who's reason in life was restored on a boat trip
Member of the Spanish nobility who loves women but is 'unpredicable' towards men.
A girl with many different bodies but one mind
Failed experiment who now resides in girl's body
Old disgruntled mayor of a hidden village
Distant relative of Mr Quates
A certain undercover agent who likes sugar

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