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Crooked Teeth, Grapefire Vines, Soul Meets Body
Staring at the Sun, Wolf Like Me, Golden Age
Twilight Galaxy, Sick Muse, Help, I'm Alive
Fire, Underdog, Club Foot
Daylight, Lessons Learned, Good ol' Fashioned Nightmare
Stars of CCTV, Suburban Knights, Cash Machine
Song Away, Too Fake, Learn to Lose
Great Dj, Shut up and let me Go, We Walk
Aggro, Be Somebody, Had Enough
Little Secrets, Better Things, Cuddle Fuddle
Naive, Sway, Shine On
Go Square Go, Daddy's Gone, Geraldine
Cassius, Electric Bloom, Balloons
Tribulations, Daft Punk is Playing at My House
Animal, Silvia, Black & Blue
Our Bovine Public, Men's Needs, We Were Aborted
Live Forever, Don't Go Away, Champagne Supernova
Oxford Comma, Walcott, Giving up the gun
Two Receivers, Golden Skans
Back against the Wall, In one Ear, Ain't no Rest for the Wicked
Time is Running Out, Uprising, Supermassive Black Hole
Australia, Caring is Creepy, New Slang
The Prayer, Signs, Like Eating Glass
Float On, Dashboard, Missed the Boat
Black Wax, INfinity Milk, Some Dresses
The Underdog, Don't You evah, I turn My Camera On
Death, E.S.T., To Lose My Life
Islands, Heart Skipped a Beat, Night Time
Meantime, Man Ray, Hounds of Love
Inaction, After Hours, The Scene is Dead
Kids, Weekend Wars, Electric Feel
Evil, Slow Hands, PDA
Munich, The Racing Rats, The Weight of the World
Elevator Love Letter, Take Me to the Riot
Apply Some Pressure, Our Velocity, Books from Boxes
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight, Nothing Better, Such Great Hights
Graves, Tessellate, In a Cave
Armistice, 1901, Lisztomania
Kill the Director, Moving to New York, Let's Dance to Joy Division
Catch & Release, Lazy Eye, Substitution
Spaceman, When You Were Young, Human
Oh My God, You Want History, Ruby
Mr.November, Apartment Story, Fake Empire
Call My Name, Love is in Our Hearts, Sounds from the Underground
Sheila, Northern Line, Sticks and Stones
The Fallen, Do You Want To, Walk Away
Wake up, Rebellion (Lies), Neighborhood #3
Dying is Fine, Can You Tell, Ghost Under Rocks
Mykonos, Sun Giant, White Winter Hymnal
Crying Lightning, Brianstorm, Dancing Shoes

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