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Who was the first producer of Doctor Who?
Patrick Troughton also played a double of the Doctor in 'The Enemy of the World'. What was his name?
What was the first regeneration called? (instead of 'regeneration')
In what story did we first meet the Time Lords?
Which was the first episode of Doctor Who to be broadcast in colour?
Which Doctor and companion got married in real life? (Actors names)
Which was the first Doctor Who story to be filmed abroad?
And which British comedy legend had a cameo in that story?
What does Leela believe 'the Evil One' does?
What room is the 5th Doctor looking for immediately after regeneration?
Which story sees Tegan leave the Doctor?
What animal does the 6th Doctor have a brooch of on his beautiful coat
And what piece of gym equipment does Mel have him install in the TARDIS?
What unusual 'musical instrument' could the 7th Doctor play?
And in which story did he meet that unusual bee keeper?
When he was in trouble, which weapon did he hope that Ace was carrying?
And which comedians made a cameo in the final story of the classic series?
What Gallifreyan feature had oddly found its way on board the TARDIS in the TV Movie?
And who is the companion in that story who doesn't kiss the Doctor?
What's the Doctor's first line of the revived series in 2005?
How does the 9th Doctor memorably describe Britain's stance against Germany in World War II?
Where does the 9th Doctor suggest that he and Rose can run away to instead of remaining on the Game Station?
The 10th Doctor notices three things about himself immediately post-regeneration. New teeth, a weak wrist, and what else?
Who does the Doctor track down - because he's upset Jackie?
ROSE: I thought it was just the Doctor we needed, but it's the both of you. The Doctor and Donna Noble, together, to...
What does the Eleventh Doctor show to Amy to gain her trust in the Eleventh Hour?
And which living Sun does the Doctor attempt to defeat - by telling it a story?
Which boy on Trenzalore does the Doctor develop a friendship with?
What does the 12th Doctor name the creatures from 'Flatline'?
Which box do Kate and 'Zygella' both want access to in 'The Zygon Inversion', prompting one of the Doctor's all time greatest speeches?

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