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4th planet from the sun
Automobile (pl)
Container used to transport groceries
Store, as Wal___
Excretion of methane
Area where crops are grown
A state in which something is in
Animal that lives in dirt
Opposite of cold
Witches are shown with one on their nose
Nickname for Walter
Substance put on food to enhance taste
Event where objects are lower price
Boy or man
Tool used for moving leaves
Relatively small body of water
Uncool, unable to move
Similar to
A portion of
A part of a shoe
Alone, Han ___
Kind of shirt
11th president of the USA
Fireman's ___
Deep indentation in
The place where one lives
A piece of a harness that fits around the neck
Japanese word for princess
Top of
Spanish name for Chile
World's logest river
Brand of shoe
Walk (usually through nature)
Temporary mark or boundry
To lure or entice
Nickname for William
Small Stream
Cambodian currency (100 sen)
24 hour period
Used in flavoring pickles
To cause death
Scottish knee-high skirt
Covered thinly with gold leaf or paint
To decorate
Young Herring
To pour with rain
Respectful term of address, as to a king
Common alternate for yes
What you do when you want to find something on TV
Surveillance Squadron acronym
virulently infectious disease caused by a corona virus
number of strokes a player should require in a golf hole (pl)
common name in Dutch, Nordic and German-speaking countries
Small ground dwelling songbird
Orkish word for a Man of Númenórean heritage (LOTR)
Sound a dog makes
Command to listen
Visual impression or trace of something
1st answer again

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