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How does Togepi evolve into Togetic?
What elemental type is Heracross?
What free Pokemon can you get by talking to a guy in a house in Cianwood City?
Which Gym Leader in the game gives you the Mineral Badge?
What TM does Falkner give you after you beat him?
What are the 3 starters of this game?
What 2 Pokemon does the Gym Leader in Cianwood City use?
Where do you find Morty before challenging him to a gym battle?
What team of Pokemon does Rocket Executive Petrel use in the Radio Tower?
Which Pokemon evolves into Octillery?
What is the name of the of the professor who gives you the starter?
Where do you find the Red Gyarados?
What type Pokemon does Elite Four Will use?
Name the strongest Pokemon for Gym Leader Clair's Team before fighting the Elite Four.
What move does the move tutor in Ilex Forest teach?
Where do you find HM-07 Waterfall?
Name the Pokemon you encounter on route 36 after using the Squirtbottle on it.
What class of Pokemon Trainers do you fight in Sprout Tower?

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