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How many seasons did the show last?
What year did it originally air?
Who played the voice of Bob Oblong?
What were the names of the conjoined twins?
What was the area called where the wealthy people lived?
What was the name given to every pretty, popular, and rich girl?
What does Milo name the turtle that he is given in the episode 'Narcoleptic Scottie?'
Who says, 'Well, well, well. A dog always returns to it's vomit.'?
What's the name of the bar that Pickles regurlarly drinks at?
What pair of shoes does Milo find at the mall in the episode 'Bucketheads?'
In the episode 'Flush, Flush Sweet Helga,' what do the fireworks at Debby's party form into?
Name the three places that Pickles has left Beth according to the Judge in the episode 'Pickle's Little Amazons'.

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