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The year that the emperor was deposed
The name of the Communist Party's major retreat
The time frame of the Long March
Decade that Mao became leader of Communist Party
The year that the Nationalist Party massacred the Communist Pary
Generationally, the leader to succeed Mao
The primary source of the Emperor's legitimacy
The ideology that emphasizes hierarchy and obedience
Sun Yat-sen's Three Principles of the People
Year that the Republic of China was established
The reason Mao called a truce in the Civil War
During WWII Communist Party membership rose from 40,000 to
The period of Mao's political purges is called
The name of the radical groups students formed during the Cultural Revolution
The year Mao initiated the Cultural Revolution
Claim to legitimacy based on representation of the 'historic best interest of all people' is
Mao was General Secretary from....
After the 1911 revolution, Puyi became emperor of what country?
The leader after Deng Xiaoping
The official name of the Cultural Revolution
The idea that party leaders of all levels, but especially grassroots, should maintain close relationships with the people
The principle that allows member of the inner party to have and express different opinions until a decision is made
China has a ____ but it doesn't bind the upper party members
The Nationalist Party fled mainland China in 1949 and established themselves here
The campaign that silenced opposition outside the party
Mao's first five year plan was to focus on
Within two years of Mao's death, the economy began moving toward
The death toll due to natural disaster, and the disastrous Great Leap Forward
Leader of the National Revolutionary Army and eventually president of Taiwan
The paramount leader Mao appointed to succeed him

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