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TV RolesActor or Actress
Andy Taylor, Andy Thompson, Benjamin Matlock
Frank Cannon, Nero Wolfe, J. L. 'Fatman' McCabe
Tony Nelson, J. R. Ewing, Luther Charbonnet
Colleen McMurphy, Katherine Mayfair, Megan Hunt
John Kelly, Michael Hayes, Horatio Caine
Bobby Caldwell, Jack McNeil, Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Jeffrey Geiger, Jason Gideon, Saul Berenson
Jack Tripper, Harry Hooperman, Paul Hennessy
Kris Munroe, Dawn 'Holli' Holliday, Jillian Deline
Vivian Cavender Harmon, Fran Crowley, Blanche Devereaux
TV RolesActor or Actress
Pete Porter, Bill Gannon, Sherman T. Potter
Bobby Crocker, Jack Shannon, Mack MacKenzie
Happy Haines, Murray Slaughter, Merrill Stubing
Bentley Gregg, Charlie Townsend, Blake Carrington
Peter Campbell, Dan Tanna, Spenser
Chester Goode, Tom Wedloe, Sam McCloud
Jed Clampett, Barnaby Jones, Roy Houston
Tim O'Hara, Tom Corbett, David Banner
Kelly Garrett, Christine Cromwell, Vanessa Cavanaugh
Tony Banta, Tony Micelli, Joe Celano

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