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Can you name the words that are connected to both Science and Sports?

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Periodic _________ of elements__________ tennis
Represented by an ordered pair (x,y) of numbersScoring unit in many sports
Grain that is seed of plant of genus OryzaGreatest wide receiver ever
Metallic element with atomic number 26Golf club with number from 1-9
Unit of force equivalent to 100,000 dynesCarolina Panthers quarterback
In computer science, a binary digitPlaced in horse's mouth in equestrian sports
Medicine: herniated _______________ golf, using a Frisbee or similar item
Data that is used for bitwise operationsFace protection for a catcher or hockey goalie
A parabola is one exampleClassic off-speed pitch
One of the states of matterSlang for a fastball pitcher's best stuff
Organism that's typically, though not always, greenKicker's non-striking foot: the ______ foot
Luminous sphere of plasmaMessi or LeBron or Brady
Inversely proportional to volume, per Boyle's LawWhat a QB doesn't want to face from D-linemen
One of the six classical machinesSand ______ or pitching _______
Electricity-producing combination of cellsBaseball: the pitcher and catcher, collectively
Pioneer of the smallpox vaccine1976 Olympic decathlon champ (now Caitlyn)
Cosmic ____Generic name for a Tampa Bay MLB player
The result of raising a base to an exponent_________ forward, in basketball
Medicine: the common __________Basketball: When missing, the shooter is ________
Striped members of genus PantheraDetroit _______

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