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Can you enrich the English language by adding a syllable to an existing word to create a newly-minted one?

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HintNew Word
Change 'sidecar' to indicate an environmentally-friendly commute, using one's motorcycle
Change 'deify' to a verb meaning 'change one's diet to reduce cholesterol'
Change 'percussion' to a word for the ratio of a football player's games to head injuries
Change 'particular' to a name for a high-end blender that can chop vegetables very fine
Change 'respect' to a verb meaning 'distrust, again'
Change 'complacent' to get an adjective descibing someone satisfied with his earnings
Change 'parasite' to an internet location dedicated to skydiving
Change 'mortify' to a verb meaning 'apply the stuff between bricks'
Change 'divisible' to a new word meaning 'proficient at basic mathematics'
Change 'freewheeling' to a term indicating a road trip to a civil rights event
HintNew Word
Change 'Sporcle' to a term for one who can foresee when a mushroom will drop its reproductive units
Change 'albumin' to an alloy made from a lightweight metal + blood protein
Change 'starboard' to get a word for the celebrity lessee of your spare room
Change 'dishwater' to get an adjective touting a hand lotion
Change 'loveseat' to get a word meaning 'the process of deciding who sits where at a tennis match'
Change 'kangaroo' to indicate an unchanging daily schedule for the marsupial
Change 'encumber' to mean 'jazz up the boring lettuce salad with a second vegetable'
Change 'heartless' to describe one whose hunky significant other has left
Chagne 'diagram' to a message to Ms. Rigg of Game of Thrones
Change 'pretense' to describe that part of a workout before you're gasping for breath

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