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Can you name the words that are connected to both science and sports?

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Electrons have a negative oneBasketball offensive foul
Large bird of family AccipitridaeTwo under par
Strong, electromagnetic, weak, or gravitationalNo need to tag (in baseball)
Color associated with wavelength of 495-570 nmBengals' wide receiver
One of Freud's trioCornerbacks have lots of it
For Saturn, one of severalBoxing venue
AlkalaiStolen _______
Element with atomic number 10Deion Sanders' nickname
Can be high or low; measurement unit is Hertz (Hz)Soccer playing field
Colloquial name of an ear boneTrack-and-field throwing event
In psychology, a signalling eventPool stick
A basic operation of arithmeticLike the AFC North
Mammal of the order ChiropteraCricket _______
Average of a set of numerical values________ Joe Greene
Often-colorful Lepidoptera insectSwimming stroke
Type of chemistry flaskA city with a Serie A soccer team
Black _______________-in-one
Avogadro's _________Player identifier
Unit defined as one joule per secondStar Texans' D-lineman
Carniverous fish of genus EsoxDiving position with bent waist and straight legs

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