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Billiards cousin popular in Great Britain
Baseball: The infielder between the second baseman and the third baseman
Water sport popular in Hawai'i, Australia, South Africa, California and elsewhere
Soccer: A position sometimes considered equivalent with centre-forward
The only fencing sword where touches with the entire blade are valid
Basketball: This position often has the third-largest player (out of five) on the floor (two words)
Football: a score by the defense, worth two points
A bowling situation where the remaining pins are widely spaced
Baseball: A bunt or fly ball where the batter makes an out in order to advance a runner
Tennis and other sports: The initial striking of the ball on a given point
Acronym for diving apparatus that requires no external source of air
Football receiver's route at a diagonal from the line of scrimmage
Shooting competition where competitors fire shotguns at clay targets
Soccer: Minutes added to compensate for halted play, e.g., in injury situations (two words)
Golf shot that curves to the right, for a right-handed player
Site of a very informal amateur baseball game, or (with 'The') a movie about the same
A baseball closer's act of preserving the win; or a block by a goalkeeper
In basketball, intercepting a pass or otherwise taking the ball away
Tennis match where one opponent plays one opponent, as distinguished from two vs. two
Sport played with a long racket and relatively dead ball
Football formation where the quarterback is back a few yards rather than directly under center
The act of placing better teams against poorer ones early in a tournament, rather than choosing randomly
Football: A tackle of the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage
Golf tournament format where all team members play from location of best previous shot
Term given to finishing third in a horse race

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