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Can you turn the clues into Roman numerals, and then into numbers? See How to Play.

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HintNumberRoman Numeral
The professional degree your physican has
Actress, and daughter of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler: _____Tyler
Music medium that followed the cassette tape
_____marks the spot
Baking shortcut: Just use a ready-made cake _____, like Duncan Hines
Basic college history course: Western _____
Size that's bigger than large but smaller than extra-extra large
Better grade than an 'F', but not much
HintNumberRoman Numeral
Actress Gong _____; Actor/martial artist Jet _____; former Chinese Premier _____ Peng
Therapy that delivers liquid directly into a vein
Common check box on a form: the other choice besides 'F'
Postal abbreviation for US territory in the Caribbean
Volume equivalent to one mililiter
Army base near Trenton, NJ: Fort _____
Form of résumé used in academic circles

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