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QUIZ: Can you tell us whether the scientific name given is real ('r') or phony ('p')? (Quiz may be easier than you think)

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Panther: Panthera carolinus
Black rat: Rattus rattus
Donkey: Equus stephanopoulos
Bald eagle: Hallaeetus propecia
White oak: Quercus alba
Wild turkey: Bourbonis kentuckiana
Goldfish: Carassius auratus
American alligator: Alligator mississippiensis
Sweet potato: Ipomoea batatas
Tarantula: Octomobilis tarantino
Buckeye tree: Castanea antimichigansus
Carnation: Lapelus fragrans
Field mouse: Rattus disnei
Common chimpanzee: Pan troglodytes
Potato: Solanum tuberosum
Bottlenose dolphin: Tursiops flipperus
Common hippopotamus: Hippopotamus amphibius
Parsley: Petroselinum crispum
Kale: Salada hipsterum
Llama: Lama glama

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