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Can you name the places and things whose correct spelling require punctuation marks?

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Forced Order
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Giant technology company: Y____! ___.
Movie and TV show set in Korea: M*_*_*_
Rolling Stones classic: (I _____ ___ __) ____________
West African country: C___ _'______
Cleveland hip-hop group: B___ _____-n-_______
1997 Travolta movie: F___|___
Chain restaurant serving poultry: C____-___-_
Beatles' classic: H___!
Shakespeare's birthplace: S________-____-____
Quandary song by The Clash: S_____ _ ____ __ S_____ _ __?
West African country: G_____-______
Traditional Christmas carol: G__ ____ ___ _____, _________
Italian luxury fashion house: D____ & _______
'And others'; often used in law: e_ __.
Crosby, Stills song about Judy Collins: S____: ____ ____ ____
Soft drink: C___-____
2003 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee: A_|__
Rodgers and Hammerstein musical: O_______!
Asian nation established in 2002: T____-_____
Classic science fiction movie: ____: _ S____ _______

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